Hair Care Refillable Mini Travel Kit (Empty)

Fill travel-sized bottles with corresponding full-size dōTERRA Hair Care product, being careful not to over-fill. Refill as needed.


Full size hair care products are a no-go when you’re on the move, so dōTERRA has a simple solution. Just fill the three mini bottles in the dōTERRA® Hair Care Refillable Mini Travel Kit with product from your full-size versions of dōTERRA Protecting Shampoo, Daily Conditioner, and Leave-In Conditioner. The translucent, zippered, waterproof bag allows to you take your favorite dōTERRA Hair Care products with you anytime, anywhere. The TSA approved 100 mL bottles, created expressly for dōTERRA Hair Care products, are designed to be filled again and again with no waste and less plastic headed for the landfill. Now, with the dōTERRA Hair Care Refillable Mini Travel Kit, you’ll have beautiful hair wherever life takes you.

Primary Benefits

Hi everyone, Krista Joy Palmer here!

I’m a big fan of doTERRA lemon essential oil, and I wanted to share some of the benefits I’ve experienced with it.
One of the things I love most about lemon oil is its energizing and invigorating aroma. It’s perfect for diffusing in the morning to wake me up and get my day started. I often say: Citrus in the morning to wake up and uplift, trees in the evening to calm, center and rest.
Lemon oil is also great for cleaning and purifying surfaces. I like to add a few drops to a spray bottle of water and use it to wipe down my countertops and kitchen surfaces.
Did you know lemon oil is an easy sticky tag and sticker remover? Try it!
And finally, lemon oil is a natural digestive aid. I sometimes add a drop to my water or tea to help keep my digestive system running smoothly. It’s a gentle detox every day. Consider 2 to 10 drops in your water every day, the benefits are amazing.
There is so much more to this amazing gift of the earth but that’s a start. One of the lowest cost essential oils, it is easy to take it for granted. But, the research keeps pouring in that this powerhouse is a must-have everyday.