Drops For Change wants to help you get matching grants!

Step 1 - Determine if your charity is eligible. 501 (c) 3?

Yes – Great, read on! No, sorry, we cannot host a fundraiser for you at this time.
Step 2 – Determine a project likely to get approved for a match grant by doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation. Here are the focus areas of dHHF. See sample match projects here.
Step 3 – Apply with Drops For Change. Apply here. doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation requires the charity to have a sponsoring Wellness Advocate. That’s Drops For Change!
Step 4 – Drops For Change reviews your application. If a Drops For Change certified professional Wellness Advocate agrees to donate their commissions from your fundraiser then DFC will put your application through to dHHF to see if we can get the fundraising efforts matched.
Step 5 – doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation approves your project. dHHF sets up a dashboard online to receive donations on your behalf.
Step 6 – Drops For Change schedules a class with you!
Step 6.a. – Your Charity promotes the class and the fundraising efforts. The fundraiser is open for 30 days.
Step 7 – Your charity hosts a class: Healthy Can Be Simple. A Drops For Change certified professional will teach your class, and as a sponsor of the fundraiser, will donate at least 70% of the product value for product purchases to your charity. Example: your class attendee wants doTERRA product valued at $100, the attendee gets $100 of product (what they ordered) and the charity gets $70. *no purchase is required for your charity to get donations matched – see 7.a. Total matched funds are up to $15,000 ($30,000 total project).
Step 7.a. – Attendees and others not able to attend the fundraiser, or who would like to make a simple donation will be matched dollar.
Step 8 – Drops For Change professionals donate their time and their commissions to your charity. Donations are added to these funds.
Step 9 – Complete the project. Submit impact statement to Drops For Change. Drops For Change will submit completed impact statements to dHHF. dHHF sends a check to your charity.
Advantages of this type of fundraiser.  The matching grant!   The average fundraiser in the USA nets $1,000 to $2,000 for the charity.  Whether you decide to sell candybars or do a carwash, it’s a lot of work!  Drops For Change does all the work – you just do the promotion.  If you have a good donor base or volunteer base, or both, this is a win-win because your fundraiser gets funded by what purchasers decide they want and need.  It’s the commissions and the matching grants that fund the fundraiser.  No inventory No shipping No collections (from kids!)  No selling – none.  Drops For Change does not sell either.  We educate in natural health solutions, doTERRA essential oils, supplements, home care and personal care.  If your class attendees find that information helpful they will get what they want and need.  Everyone wins! 


1-3 weeks. Drops For Change will schedule your class with you at that time.
10 days to 21 days. If the timing is too short, people genuinely have plans. If the timing is too long, it becomes too big of a project.
Actually, the receipt of funds follows your completed project and submission of the impact statement.
No, only one project at a time will be matched by dHHF. However you can host multiple fundraising classes if Drops For Change agrees to do that for you.
Drops For Change requests 50 people in the class. That means you are looking for RSVPs of at least 60.
The Drops For Change certified professional teaching your class will keep the class open for 7 days. Product will be matched for that time.
30 days after dHHF opens the match dashboard (online page with a button to donate)
It is a give-back piece of our business and a major part of doTERRA culture. With doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, it is realistic for us as wellness professionals to have a big impact sharing our talents, combined with your promotion, matched by dHHF! Everyone wins.
The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation Match Program is a unique opportunity for Wellness Advocates certified by Drops For Change to partner with a nonprofit or social good organization to make a difference in the world. Through the Match Program, charities can receive up to $15,000 in matching funds for approved projects. To be eligible for the Match Program, you must: * Be a nonprofit – 501 (c) 3 * Have a project that is aligned with the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation’s mission to empower people worldwide to be healthy, safe, and self-reliant * Be sponsored by doTERRA leaders – that is the purpose of Drops For Change The project application process will include:  * A description of the project * The project budget * The timeline for the project * The impact of the project * How the project will be evaluated Here are a few examples of projects that have been approved through the Match Program: * A project to provide clean water to a village in Africa * A project to buy books for a school in Guatemala  * A project to provide food to families in need in a local community What is the source of the fundraising?  Drops For Change, is an association of certified Wellness Advocates set up to guide charities through receiving matching grant funds through doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation.  Additionally, the Drops For Change Wellness Advocates have agreed to donate their commissions from class(es) to your project to seed the fundraising.   The funds are sourced primarily by your charity hosting a fundraising event (one-time class or a 5-day online class/party).  Once the charity’s project is approved for funding, Drops For Change will help you schedule a class: Healthy Can Be Simple.  At this one-hour class, a certified Drops For Change Wellness Advocate will teach simple ways to support health and wellness at home.  If the doTERRA products are right for the attendees, at least 70% of their product purchase value will be donated to your project.

Ready? Apply today.

Apply today. The steps to your matching grant fundraiser will begin. If your organization is approved: Drops For Change will support you at each step!