Hey, Coach!

Congratulations on being invited to apply to Krista's coaching network. We are committed to having healer hearts and servant-leadership. Something about you impressed me or you wouldn't have been invited to apply - thanks for showing up strong already!

(If you found your way here on your own I still encourage you to apply)
You are a busy professional and so am I. So that we both have some time leverage I have designed a process that will help us both determine whether or not it makes sense for us to work together. With just a little commitment of time up front, we can get to know each other's goals, passion projects, and if there's a fit we'll talk about next steps.
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What to Expect

Coaches – Health, Biz and More.  I’m am the most endorsed for startups so, obviously, I LOVE coaching startups.  This Club is limited seating so I can give you a ton of time and talent!  Obviously, I am looking for committed and capable leaders so we can create a win-win.  This is some really personal attention from me and the only way to access my coaching and consulting – I don’t trade time for money anymore.  If you are the right fit for our team I will be pouring time and talent into you, your team and YOUR SUCCESS!  

Pilot Club Commitment

Phase 1: Foundations for Success: foundations for serving the most, a fully-operational business and money in 6 weeks.  

Phase 2: Power-up to massive success – laying foundations for Six-Figure income WITH time freedom.  

Phase 3: Replicate & Scale – All successful businesses have one thing in common: replicate & scale.  We’ll be focused on this in all 3 Phases of this powerful Master Mind Club

**More details are discussed only with qualified applicants**

Apply now and let’s see if it makes sense for us to work together! 

Apply Now

After receiving your application, we will review it. If you meet the qualifications, we will set up a short interview via phone or video conference to discuss the details of the Master Mind Club and answer your questions.

Still have questions?
call Krista +801 839 5650